Just now got a chance to ride Chimi since you've worked on him and he feels great!!!! He started the ride with a lovely swinging walk that I've struggled to get with him in the past. He usually breaks to the trot before his walk would get that loose and forward.

Bette, Columbus, NC (Private Client, March 2018)

Hi Marie, Thank you for an awesome experience!
Laurene R., New York (Cape May, NJ, Oct 2017)

Thanks Marie Riley for an awesome Masterson Weekend workshop! Totally psyched for the 5-day seminar!

Valissa W., New Jersey (West River, MD, Aug 2017)

Great format by Marie and presentations - Q&A lively and informative! Many thanks to Marie and Samantha for their support, encouragement, opportunities, expertise and patience!

Mary Kay B., Virginia (West River, MD, Aug 2017) 


Thank you for all your help and inspiration. Wish I had more than just two days with you. Hope our paths cross again in our journeys. Thank you again you're the best.

Quinn N., Nevada (Reno, NV, June 2017)


The weekend course in Reno went really well ... the students really enjoyed it! Marie is a really awesome instructor and soooo knowledgeable. It was so nice to have her stay at my house and get to know her.
Denise M., Nevada (Reno, NV, June 2017)


Thank you Marie - I gained so much from 2 very short days! I am excited by the feedback from the horses and what I am able to help them with. Truly Fantastic.

Claudia Z.., Florida (Coconut Creek, FL, Jan 2017)


The class was great and you are an awesome teacher!!! Thank you so much, I look forward to the 5-day.
Katherine R., Florida (Coconut Creek, FL, Jan 2017)


Thank you for a wonderful training session. You, Lee and Arron are fantastic ... I will keep you posted on my progress.
Connie T., Florida (Coconut Creek, FL, Jan 2017)


Thanks for your hard work and wonderful instruction, I learned and did more than I ever thought I could.
Diane W., Florida (Coconut Creek, FL, Jan 2017)


I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class, it was amazing and I'm hooked on MM now!
Thank you again. You are a great instructor!

Tina B., Pennsylvania (State College, PA, Oct 2016)


What I found most personally helpful was the hands-on instruction with Marie.
Tabbetha M., Pennsylvania (State College, PA, Oct 2016)


GREAT clinic ... loved working with Marie!
Liza F., Virginia (Chase City, VA, Oct 2016)


Thank you Marie!  Not only educational but truly inspiring!
Maribeth M., Virginia (Chase City, VA, Oct 2016) 


The knowledge and experience of our instructor was personally most helpful. Marie really made sure everyone was comfortable with each technique and took plenty of time helping every individual.
Mary V., Virginia (Chase City, VA, Oct 2016)


The in depth knowledge of our instructor (Marie) was personally most helpful.
Samantha B., Maryland (Chase City, VA, Oct 2016)


In addition to the course information being incredible, Marie's knowledge, helpfulness, patience and enthusiasm put me at ease and made me want to keep learning and doing.

Lisa B., New Jersey (Glen Mills, PA, July 2016)


Good balance of lecture, demo and hands-on work to access all types of learners. Marie did a great job explaining and connecting the dots.

Anne-Marie D., Pennsylvania (Glen Mills, PA, July 2016) 


Marie, I am actually at my final certification course in Iowa, and I have continued to think of you a lot. I must admit that I have been exposed to many exceptional individuals but of all the people I was exposed to....you changed me the most. I think that some of the concepts and techniques you showed me are incredible. I have a long way to go, but I am on a solid path because of you. 

Thanks for being a great coach. God bless you. You are exceptional.
Beverly J., Pennsylvania (Student Coaching, Wellington, FL, Feb 2016)


​Marie has hands of gold and an immense talent for understanding exactly what a horse needs in its body. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. She is one of the finest teachers out there!

Andrea H., Pennsylvania (Private Client, Feb 2016)


Hi Marie, I wanted to send you a quick update on Sagitta. She's doing really well, her stride is much more open and relaxed and everyone has noticed a really positive change since she's had the bodywork done. In fact, she's doing so well we've received a bid to compete at PHA Nationals in the 2'6" Adult Hunters! This was totally unexpected news! Huge thanks for everything you've done for her. You've helped me get my horse back and I can't ever put how much that means to me into words. Cheers! 

Liz M., Massachusetts (Private Client, Oct 2015)

Hi Marie, I've been waiting to email you because I was convinced that like all the other bodywork Sagitta has had after a few days we're back to were we started - but that is absolutely not the case! In fact she's continuing to improve! She LOVES her stretches. We can't skip them - ever. She has started to hold her legs up for me one at a time when she knows it's "yoga time" and if she hasn't released enough she won't put the leg down and give me another one until she's satisfied. We have so much impulsion and extension now! I forgot what it was like to feel a horse stepping under and coming from the hind end she's been so stiff. It's amazing. The trot poles we were hopping, tripping and jumping over two weeks ago are not a problem at all now. She's opened her stride considerably, is respecting boundaries when I ask her to bend rather than over compensating and getting all wiggly and crooked, and is moving forward round and soft. Her jaw is still straight and I've been doing the TMJ release with her before we ride ... everything is moving and flowing nicely.
Please let me know next time you're in the area because I'd like to be sure she gets some follow up work!

Liz M., Massachusetts (Private Client, Aug 2015)

Hi Marie, Thanks again, that was such a wonderful clinic!!! I am so addicted now!
Kelly L., Maine (Newport, NH, June 2015)

Marie gives 200% to her teaching [seminars]. It's a great experience to assist!
Deb M., Vermont (Assistant, Newport, NH, June 2015)

Marie did an awesome job keeping the flow and demonstrating techniques ... she holds an awesome seminar with detailed information explaining very well, and great humor!
Doris B., Connecticut (Assistant, Newport, NH, June 2015)

Marie was wonderful. Lively, fun and well spoken and made the subject matter very easy to understand.
Diane C., New Hampshire (Newport, NH, June 2015)

I really enjoyed Marie's technique and past experiences with certain moves. She was thorough explaining what each move did for the horse. This is the best clinic I have ever attended.
Kelly B., New Hampshire (Newport, NH, June 2015)

Marie, Thank you so much for sharing a sample of your expertise. It was an excellent weekend for me and Jonah ... and now for the rest of my herd.
Annie S., New Hampshire (Newport, NH, June 2015)

Hi Marie, Laura and I just wanted to thank you [again] for putting on such a wonderful clinic.
Diane C., New Hampshire (Newport, NH, June 2015)

Terrific weekend exploring the Masterson Method workshop at Full Circle Farm. Awesome instructor, Marie Riley.
Jennifer J., Vermont (Newport, NH, June 2015)

Thank you Marie for your caring instruction - you clearly love and believe in what you are doing and that goes a long way in teaching. And of course, excellent at teaching the skills!
Lesley P., Vermont (Southampton, MA, May 2015)

Hi Marie, I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all the wonderful things you have done for me; for the inspiration, motivation, patience, knowledge, teaching, etc. that you have shared. I was doing bodywork on E-Or this afternoon and he was having major yawning releases when I was laying my hands on his back. I realized that I have been “drawn” to that spot and if it hadn’t been for the time that you spent with me, I would have never known. You help horses that you have never even laid your hands on! I think of you working so hard with the horses all day and the energy and skill that they are lucky to receive and am in awe of your abilities. We get busy with life and often don’t take the time to thank others who have made such a positive impact on our lives. You are such a dear, sweet person. I always wish the absolute best for you. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. 
Pat T., Ohio (Southampton, MA, May 2015)

Thank you for your complete attention to your students!
Jeanette C., Vermont (Southampton, MA, May 2015)

Excellent and knowledgeable teacher and demonstrations!
Katie F., Vermont (Southampton, MA, May 2015)

Marie Riley is a very good instructor!
Lesley P., Vermont (Southampton, MA, May 2015)

Marie, Cutup raced fantastic Saturday night. I can't thank you enough. She finished second & lost to a filly who I think lost once all year. Cutup had the eighth post (far outside) on a half-mile track. It’s nearly impossible to win from that post, especially against the top eight 3 yr. old trotting fillies in NY. Thanks again.
Daren G., New York (Standardbred Racing Client, May 2015)

Marie is clear, easy to understand and helps people feel safe while learning.
Laura F., Montana (Host/Assistant, Whitefish, MT, Sept 2014)

It was a great experience with a great teacher and assistants. I learned a lot and left me wanting more.
Shannon H., Montana (Host, Whitefish, MT, Sept 2014)

Marie, Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in Nokomis! They were two of the best days ever. You were such a great instructor and I learned so much. Again, thank you for two outstanding days and for sharing your knowledge with us!
Patti H., Florida (Nokomis, FL, August 2014)

Everything was wonderful. You are an inspiring teacher and connect with everyone with a sincerity we all felt.
Carole R., Florida (Nokomis, FL, August 2014)

Loved how Marie taught. Very methodical and very light.
Anne N., Florida (Tallahassee, FL, April 2014)

Marie is an excellent instructor, a pleasure to work with and hope to do so again.
Karen K., Florida (Tallahassee, FL, April 2014)

You are a super teacher and your knowledge, enthusiasm and generosity created an inspired learning environment!
Sarah G., Vermont (Tallahassee, FL, April 2014)

Marie was a really great teacher who took time with each student ... a caring and informed instructor.
Heather S., North Carolina (Lexington, KY, April 2014)

Most personally helpful to me was "to be immersed for 2 days with correct instruction. Both Pat and Marie were always hands on and available ... Marie and Pat were wonderful.
Bliss L., Virginia (Suffolk, VA, Sept 2013)

Pat and Marie's personal suggestions were very helpful and specific. Very awesome!
Malaika A., North Carolina (Suffolk, VA, Sept 2013)

It was my pleasure to hold the clinic, and thank YOU (and Pat) for coming and instructing! It was great to get together again and also be reminded how cool MM™ is.
Sita L., Virginia (Suffolk, VA, Sept 2013)

Very good clinic. Well organized and well taught.
Lorinda S., Virginia (Suffolk, VA, Sept 2013)

Marie Riley is my favorite Masterson Method™ instructor, so I can say that she ran the seminar in a perfect way.
Ewa C., Rome, Italy (Philadelphia, PA, July 2013)

I love having the opportunity to work with other students that are in the program (assistants) and working with Marie - great instructor!"
Meghan B., Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA, July 2013)

Marie, you did a great job parlaying this information and it was fantastic having Meghan, Ewa and Pat helping to ensure we had actually grasped the correct interpretation and were applying it correctly.  I came away from there truly feeling confident that I could safely utilize everything I'd learned.
Kelly M., Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA, July 2013)

Hi Marie, It is as always a true joy to work with Jim and his team. Everyone was so nice, so respectful and gracious to our horses - you are welcome any time. The horses appreciated the work!!  Thanks to all of you!!
Betsy Steiner, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA, July 2013)

Marie is really encouraging and at the same time challenging. I really benefitted from her pushing me outside my comfort zone!
Mary P., Pennsylvania (Raleigh, NC, July 2013)

Marie was a skillful teacher and provided lots of opportunities to practice and have questions answered.
Jane T., North Carolina (Raleigh, NC, July 2013)

Marie, thank you for an incredible weekend! I'd been looking forward to the clinic since I first learned about it and to say that it far surpassed my expectations would be a major understatement. I can't believe how much we learned in such a short time - absolutely awesome!
Stacy C., North Carolina (Raleigh, NC, July 2013)

I wanted to let you know that the bodywork Bella (the Appaloosa / Percheron cross I lease and who was used in the breakout sessions) received during the clinic and the few days since has already had such a positive impact. For the first time since I've known Bella, she didn't pin her ears and tense up when going to buckle her girth on the right-hand side ... when I've ridden her this week, she's been much more able and willing to lower, stretch and subtly round her neck. Thanks again for everything you taught us.
Lauren P., Maryland (Raleigh, NC, July 2013)

Thank you Marie for an amazingly insightful workshop!
Penny J., North Carolina (Raleigh, NC, July 2013)

Marie is the perfect combination of a sense of humor and slave driver!
Phil L., Ottowa, CA (Hinesburg, VT, July 2013)

Great clinic! Instructor and assistant were very helpful and knowledgeable ... Marie can bring the class along despite the various skill levels.
Doug M., Vermont (Hinesburg, VT, July 2013)

Hi Marie - just a note to thank you for your coaching this weekend in Vermont. I learned tons. There really is nothing like good hands-on practice to get the feel that you need. Thanks!
Mary L., Vermont (Hinesburg, VT, July 2013)

Hi Marie, I am SO excited to hear you are doing coaching weekends!!!  You were such a great teacher during my intro and advanced classes, so I look forward to learning more from you.
Mary P., Pennsylvania (Coaching, Philadelphia, PA, June 2013)

Thank you. I was amazed and impressed with Marie's knowledge, skill, nuance and instruction!! Every time she entered the stalls the horses whole attitude would change into a relaxed state ... Thank you!
Molly K., Maine (Buxton, Maine, June 2013)

The book and dvd were wonderful, but having hands-on experience was amazing. Especially with Marie's insightful input. Intent and the right touch were the messages I received from her.
Cynthia S., California (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

Very informative, knowledgeable teacher with a sense of humor.
Raymond S., California (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

I found personally most helpful during this clinic ... the body mechanics that Marie showed were excellent; Marie's demo; her detailed coaching one-on-one was excellent. Just very pleased with all of it.
Jean W., Colorado (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and tell you how much I enjoyed learning from you and the workshop that we had out in Grass Valley. It was an excellent workshop. I felt like you were very focused on the craft at hand, wasted no time and made good use of all of us being there. I really came away from it with some great stuff and filled in a few holes for me as well. I hope to attend a 5 day workshop in the future with either you or Jim.
Jean W., Colorado (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

Excellent instructor. Thorough hands-on training!
Elizabeth H., California (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

Jim, Your clinician(s) have been great. They know their subject and communicate it well.
Lisa S., California (Host in Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

The seminar was very organized and well run by Marie. Super job and, fun and informative instructor ... go girl, Marie! You rock!
Patricia T., Ohio (Assistant in Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

What I found personally most helpful during this clinic was the quality of instruction, demonstrations with plenty of interaction with instructor, and also one-to-one coaching on technique. Accessibility to the instructor and her willingness to engage were outstanding.
Leni J., California (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful weekend. I really want to continue on the path to certification. You are a wonderful instructor and that was one of the most rewarding experiences for me.
Brandie L., California (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience in Grass Valley. I thank you for such clear instruction of the Masterson Method and I truly know that this is the type of Equine Massage that I want to be certified in.
Kathy B., California (Grass Valley, CA, April 2013)

I saw you on the Masterson Course Calendar ... you are going to California this weekend. The guys that can approach the Masterson Method with you are lucky!
Ewa C., Rome, Italy (Navan, Ireland, Aug 2012)

Hi Marie, what a fabulous weekend you gave us, curriculum and beyond, you gave us your heart and the love of what you do and thank you so much for that, I really enjoyed every minute of it. I think we had a great group too, we all look ecstatic in the picture!!! 
Anne-Sophie J., North Carolina (Bradenton, FL, Feb 2013)

Hi Marie, it was a joy to learn from you--what a great weekend! Thanks for all your hard work and for your encouragement ... Thanks so much--hope our paths cross again!
Charlene C., North Carolina (Bradenton, FL, Feb 2013)

Let me take the time to tell you what a super job Marie did with the coaching/teaching. She was fabulous AND tons of fun too. I am thrilled to know that she is not particularly far from me.  It was a wonderful experience to get some feedback on the techniques which I have been practicing since buying Jim's book and DVD.
Sue B., Nova Scotia, Canada (Bradenton, FL, Feb 2013)

Marie, I didn't really get to thank you enough. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I took away a lot of useful techniques & information. I'm planning on putting it to use this week. Mikayla (my daughter) will be assisting, lol.
Frank W., Florida (Bradenton, FL, Feb 2013)

Hi Marie, thank you for the kind words. It is me, feeling indebted to you for all you have done to encourage, teach and guide my Masterson Method skills. I had a great time at the seminar and it was wonderful to meet some new people and hear/see your passion for bodywork. I think all of the participants left with their minds filled to the brim with knowledge. You are a fabulous instructor and gave them so much information, not just bodywork info, but horsemanship knowledge as well. I came home and asked my horse for his front leg as you instructed, and guess what....he did it!
Patricia T., Ohio (Bradenton, FL, Feb 2013)

One of the things I found to be personally most helpful was the hands-on and personal help from Marie.
Dawn W., Pennsylvania (Harwood, MD, Oct 2012)

 I was very impressed by Marie's instruction. She is very professional yet very down to earth.  She made sure that we all felt very comfortable and that all of our questions were answered. I especially was impressed that she was readily available AFTER the seminar.  She was very quick at returning any emails and I was very pleased when she and I had a conversation over the phone concerning a question I had. Thank you Marie and I hope to be able to be one of your students again in the near future!
Pamela B. (Little Compton, RI, July 2012)

As for the horse Indy you worked on, you were a blessing to them. I talked to the owner the week after you left and explained to them your findings. They were very excited and started treatment. The owner reported that her horse was moving much better and were extremely happy to have finally had some answers to their horses lameness issues. GOOD WORK! 
Laura P., Maryland (Harwood, MD, December 2011)

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a Jim Masterson 2 Day Seminar in Rhode Island. We also had the added benefit of a 2nd Co-Instructor in Jim's protege Marie Riley to add to our educational experience. She was knowledgeable, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with … an awesome clinic!
Jamie C., New England (Little Compton, RI, April 2011)

Hi Marie, I rode Tommy down on the Drive today and he felt really nice - happy and peppy. Thank you, I think your work really made a difference.
Betsy S., Pennsylvania (September 2010)

Marie has a knack for communication with the horse and natural “feel” for equine bodywork that gets results. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to improve their horse’s performance and well-being.
Jim Masterson, Fairfield, Iowa (June 2010)



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