I created 16 HANDS LLC with the intention of offering a holistic approach to pain-free performance for the horse. Each of the non-invasive techniques I use in my sessions identify imbalances or restrictions that can affect mobility, comfort, attitude, training, and ultimately performance. Equine bodywork positively impacts the overall health and performance of your horse by supporting the horse's own internal healing systems.

EQUINE OSTEOPATHY is the application of the principles and standards developed in human osteopathy that are then adapted to the special structural and fascial needs of the equine. It is the art of assessing the horses internal self-correction mechanisms through manual access and stimulation of the whole system, thus mounting the horse's own defense, drawing from its own reserves, and calling forth that self-corrective re-harmonizing response to find health and balance.

CRANIAL SACRAL OSTEOPATHY specifically targets the brain, spinal cord and cerebospinal fluid. If you have a head-shaker, weaver, cribber, or a horse that has had ANY head trauma (trailering, flipping, falling) your horse can benefit from this therapy.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE is a gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue restrictions that cause pain and restrict movement. It targets the flow within the fascia enabling it to return to normal functioning.

MASTERSON METHOD™ is an interactive method in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release tension.

MASSAGE increases blood and lymph circulation, and relaxes the superficial layer of soft tissue which releases nerves and deeper connective tissue.

For optimum performance and general wellness in your horse equine bodywork should always accompany regular veterinary care, balanced nutrition, proper training, properly fitted equipment, and regular dental and hoof care visits from a qualified practitioner.

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