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I rescued my puppy, Tempi, two years ago and she turned out to be one of the most challenging dogs to raise that I've ever had. She was extremely high strung, destructive, and could not take social cues from other dogs very well. After trying trainers, supplements, and extreme exercise, all the while keeping dog chew-toy manufacturers in business buying everything they had to offer, I found Marie Riley of 16 Hands Integrated Bodywork.

Marie immediately picked up on Tempi's frantic energy, and began her bodywork session. Within 5 minutes my dog was asleep with her head on Marie's lap. The session lasted approximately 45 mins and truly had transformative results. Tempi is now relaxed and focused, playful and socially appropriate with other dogs.

I highly recommend Marie for cranial sacral work on your dog, for their comfort, peace of mind, and quality of life. And I have made sessions with Marie and Tempi part of our regular routine. Thank you, Marie, for allowing me to enjoy my dog, I really didn't think it was possible!

Charity Paashaus, Paashaus Performance Horses, Pennsylvania

More coming ... Mica, Charly, Beau and Luna to name a few!