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​​​​traveling the world, helping horses!

Green Acres Horsemanship, Paashaus Performance Horses and 16 Hands Equine really have been working together with a focus on the wholistic approach to equine wellness. I know we promised exciting videos highlighting the best farriers, veterinarians, saddle fitters, dentists, body workers and trainers in the industry (geez, that was ambitious!) but honestly we just haven't had the time to get to work on videoing it all. And I can't say with any certainty that we will ever produce a video, but we can at least let you know what we have been up to.

Here's a short list ...

  • Hoof Rehabs at Green Acres Horse Farm and 16 Hands LLC
    Hana is hitting the one year mark, and her story has a great ending!
    Indie joined our list of rehabs and he's showing improvement just 2 months in.
    Autumn Kaminski is now our local Equine Podiatrist and she's doing a great job on all the horses. 
  • Nutrition
    Visiting biochemist, Linsey McLean, gave an informative lecture at Green Acres Horse Farm back in May. Can you say heavy metal toxicity and environmental toxins? No, they're not listed on the nutrition labels of your feed bags or supplements ... but they're there. I'm (16 Hands LLC) now working primarily with horses that require focused attention on their nutrition and toxicity exposure. It's really fun because I love learning about new ways to help our horses, and it's really complicated ... because its biochemistry! It turns out that many, as in virtually ALL, of the annoying little things we've been managing for years with our horses like, but not limited to: scratches, spooking, dull coats, under run heels, thrush, soft hooves, short shoeing cycles, unpredictable behavior, intermittent lameness, constant tearing of the eyes, and many, many more, have everything to do with nutrition and toxic exposure. I love this stuff so just ask me. Oh, and don't forget to test the water your horses are drinking :/

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy ... horses, dogs and peeps, oh my! The often amazing results I've gotten over the years on horses have made this a favorite modality of mine. And then several months ago I was asked to work on Charly, a friends dog. Charly had started nipping at her owner, and couldn't be touched on the abdomen. After the first session the nipping stopped. During the second and third session I worked on her abdomen and pelvis, and she's now back to her regular sweet self.
    Then there was Tempi ... hyperactive, unfocused, frantic, and difficult to train. After only two sessions she's now focused and a normal active two year old. Check out the Dogs page.
    Mica is an emotional, anxious, yet friendly dog with a hyper vigilant disposition ... ​to be continued!

Adding dogs to my practice has been surprising and rewarding. And not just for me! The changes are quick and measurable, and the owners are thrilled to share any changes they see.

I'm always adding more so stop by again.