Horses Testimonials

Hi Marie, A little update on Shine. Rode yesterday, she was looser starting out. Just a short walk, trot trail ride. Still a little girthy but no turning to look at her side. Today she was not girthy! Did not look to her side. Biggest difference was the logs we step over on the trail. Usually you feel her trot over them as she picks her body up a bit but today she trotted them like they were a cavaletti. Didn't break stride. I believe you greatly improved her shoulder/withers area. Very happy to pick up both front hooves with just a touch. Thank you!

​Michelle B., Pennsylvania

Just now got a chance to ride Chimi since you've worked on him and he feels great!!!! He started the ride with a lovely swinging walk that I've struggled to get with him in the past. He usually breaks to the trot before his walk would get that loose and forward.
Bette M., North Carolina

Hi Marie, I wanted to send you a quick update on Sagitta. She's doing really well, her stride is much more open and relaxed and everyone has noticed a really positive change since she's had the bodywork done. In fact, she's doing so well we've received a bid to compete at PHA Nationals in the 2'6" Adult Hunters! This was totally unexpected news! Huge thanks for everything you've done for her. You've helped me get my horse back and I can't ever put how much that means to me into words. Cheers! 
Liz M., Massachusetts

Hi Marie, I've been waiting to email you because I was convinced that like all the other bodywork Sagitta has had after a few days we're back to were we started - but that is absolutely not the case! In fact she's continuing to improve! She LOVES her stretches. We can't skip them - ever. She has started to hold her legs up for me one at a time when she knows it's "yoga time" and if she hasn't released enough she won't put the leg down and give me another one until she's satisfied. We have so much impulsion and extension now! I forgot what it was like to feel a horse stepping under and coming from the hind end she's been so stiff. It's amazing. The trot poles we were hopping, tripping and jumping over two weeks ago are not a problem at all now. She's opened her stride considerably, is respecting boundaries when I ask her to bend rather than over compensating and getting all wiggly and crooked, and is moving forward round and soft. Her jaw is still straight and I've been doing the TMJ release with her before we ride ... everything is moving and flowing nicely. Please let me know next time you're in the area because I'd like to be sure she gets some follow up work!
Liz M., Massachusetts

Hi Marie, I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all the wonderful things you have done for me; for the inspiration, motivation, patience, knowledge, teaching, etc. that you have shared. I was doing bodywork on E-Or this afternoon and he was having major yawning releases when I was laying my hands on his back. I realized that I have been “drawn” to that spot and if it hadn’t been for the time that you spent with me, I would have never known. You help horses that you have never even laid your hands on! I think of you working so hard with the horses all day and the energy and skill that they are lucky to receive and am in awe of your abilities. We get busy with life and often don’t take the time to thank others who have made such a positive impact on our lives. You are such a dear, sweet person. I always wish the absolute best for you. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. 
Pat T., Ohio

Marie, Cutup raced fantastic Saturday night. I can't thank you enough. She finished second & lost to a filly who I think lost once all year. Cutup had the eighth post (far outside) on a half-mile track. It’s nearly impossible to win from that post, especially against the top eight 3 yr. old trotting fillies in NY. Thanks again.
Daren G., New York

As for the horse Indy you worked on, you were a blessing to him. I talked to the owner the week after you left and explained to them your findings. They were very excited and started treatment. The owner reported that her horse was moving much better and were extremely happy to have finally had some answers to their horses lameness issues. GOOD WORK! 
Laura P., Maryland

Hi Marie, I rode Tommy down on the Drive today and he felt really nice - happy and peppy. Thank you, I think your work really made a difference.
Betsy S., Pennsylvania

Marie has a knack for communication with the horse and natural “feel” for equine bodywork that gets results. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to improve their horse’s performance and well-being.
Jim M., Iowa

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