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Being a professional horse trainer my body is frequently in need of support. Recently, I had a fall off a horse which threw my body out of alignment. We have all had those silly injuries where we make a quick move and it tweaks our back or neck which is exactly what happened to me just two weeks after my fall. I was pumping gas and turned a little too quickly to pick up the handle of the pump and felt an intense pain run through my neck. I felt the pain only when I turned my neck so for several days I simply held my neck still and turned my entire body to look where I wanted to go. Marie offered me a session with her to help with the neck pain. I have been to many chiropractors, and massage therapists in the past to help facilitate healing after a body trauma, but I have never experienced cranial sacral therapy. Not exactly sure what to expect I went into the session completely open and ready to experience whatever was about to happen. Marie very calmly and slowly assessed where my body and energy functioned correctly and where it was blocked or restricted. As she worked on me I could actually feel healing energy in the areas of my head, neck and back that had previously been numb prior to our session.

The session lasted about an hour, and when I got up from the treatment table I was able to move my neck again. I was amazed! The only remaining effect from my injury was muscle soreness due to bracing my neck for the last six days. It has been one week since my session with Marie and I am 100% pain free in my neck. I cannot recommend Marie highly enough. If you have pain or would like to restore a more fully functioning rhythm to your body please do not hesitate to contact Marie. 

​Charity Paashaus, Paashaus Performance Horses, Pennsylvania

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